Disaster relief efforts of JFGC

Disaster support charge director Rev.Eika Kosaka


‡T) Process of the disaster support 

3/11 2:46 the earthquake disaster outbreak

Suffering district churches are below.

Oarai Indonesian Church, Fukushima New Hope, Sendai Zion Church

3/12 Foursquare Gospel Church from other nations sent a supporting email and prayer. Some countries started to ask for Relief offering in their nations.

3/14 Director Kosaka requested of the board director and the district supervisor that a united prayer

in regard to the earthquake disaster be held at 3:00 p.m.

3/18 The first East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network, met in Room OCC411.

Rev. Glenn C. Burris Jr. the President of American Foursquare Church and other nations sent a support email.

3/19 Japan Foursquare President Sato sent the policy (as a JFGC policy) to each district.

3/22 Placed a disaster relief policy on the homepage in three languages.

3/24 Akitsu Evangelical Church received relief supplies from the Foursquare church in Salt Lake City, and sent those with other support supplies to the disaster-struck areas.

3/25 The second East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network meeting.

Participated formally as the JFGC.

3/28 ? 31 Rev. Sato gave a report of the disaster situation at the Foursquare North Asian Region meeting in Hong Kong. He received a love offering and a prayer for the disaster.

4/1 Attended the support activity orientation of CRASH JAPAN (Aoyama Gakuin).

4/6 -11 The United States and North Asia charged missionaries to inspect Sendaifs outskirts for the first time.

4/13, 14 Attended the Disaster counseling seminar hosted by Purpose Driven Fellowship.

(OCC, Tokyo Bible church)

4/22 A charity concert was planned by Christian musicianfs in cooperation with Michtam ministry.

4/27 A meeting with the United States FMI(Foursquare Mission International) investigation team.

4/27 - 30. North Asia charged missionaries in Sendaifs outskirts and Ofunato outskirts the second time. The American Foursquare inspection team took a video of it (Use as a support request in the United States).

4/28. Attended the third East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network meeting.

Preparation of the charity concert.

4/29. A charity concert (OCC) hosted by East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network in cooperation with other groups.

Performers were Rev. Chu Kosaka, Sayuri Kume, Euodia. 150 people participated. Financial support was 308,654 yen. The concert DVD is going to be presented to the suffering churches.

5/2 - 5. Volunteer activity dispatch (Akitsu Evangelical Church, Immanuel Church) in Kesennuma.

5/9. Visited the new office of CRASH JAPAN.

5/13. Attended the fourth East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network meeting.

5/17. Attended a meeting as a CRASH JAPAN incorporation preparations committee.

6/13 - 15. Relief efforts report and recruits volunteers at the JFGC convention 2011.

6/21 - 25. 10 pastors from the United States will visit the disaster-struck areas.

After July, 8 American churches plan to dispatch some teams.


‡U Relief efforts of each churches(JFGC)

Ÿ Akitsu Evangelical Church:

3/28, 29. Rev. Chu Kosaka and one other. Initial investigation, food support and transportation of relief supplies. (Kakudai institute for missions, Ishinomaki, Shiogama Bible Baptist church, Sendai Zion church, Sendai Kunimi church).

4/29. The charity concert by Christian musicians. Volunteer work at the OCC chapel.

5/2 - 5/5. Cleaning volunteer activity at a private house in Kesennuma.

Ten people in total.(Four young men and women, four prime of life, two women)

5/9. Food support to the Crash Japan staff. Distribute 60 T-shirts to the Fukushima Bible Baptist Nuclear Power Plant victim of the house of the Okutama Gospel.

Ÿ Hirosaki Zion church:

Rev. Renee has worked as a volunteer, in cooperation with CRASH JAPAN every week since late March. They transport support supplies to Iwate Ofunato Bible Baptist church, Kamaishi New Life Church, Sakuratouge welfare cente.

Ÿ Sendai Zion church:

Rev. Steve and deacons with junior high students work continuously as volunteers in cooperation with Bible Baptist Church, to Shiogama and Kesennuma. Sendai Zion Church housed the volunteer from Akitsu. They also gave kitchen utensils to 6 temporary housing families.

Ÿ Hakodate Zion church:

Rev. Yoshiaki Masui leads volunteers in cooperation with HOKUMIN(Hokkaido Christian Mission Network).4 teams (total of 16)went to Otsuchi-cho, Iwate, Miyako, Tarochou, Nodamura to do the mud removal and to prepare emergency food. Plan to dispatch the regular volunteers in the future.

Ÿ Immanuel church:

5/2 - 5/5. Rev. Kaponpon joined to the Akitsu team to do volunteer work in Kesennuma.

Ÿ Noah community church:

Rev. Shawn visited the Hirosaki Zion church at time of consecutive holidays in May and participated in volunteer service. Cooperation with the Samaritanfs Purse.

Ÿ Murayama Evangelical Church: Shine Jesus Church

April. Love offering to Fukushima new hope chapel.

Volunteer activity in the affiliation of the Global Mission in Fukushima and Iwate for each three days in April and May.


Ÿ Fukuin Glow Up Church:

Food aid, emergency food , footbath massage support to Iwaki through YWAM.

Ÿ Hope chapel Tokorozawa:

Three church members participated in the service of the CRASH JAPAN office continually.

On March 31, 10 people served to prepare 160 rice balls and pork miso soup for lunch at the volunteer office.

Ÿ Hitsujigaoka Zion Church, Hinohara Fukuin Church

Sent a love offering to the Bible Baptist Church.

Ÿ Hope Chapel Nagareyama

Continuous support to the Sendai Sea Side Chapel.

Ÿ Itoman Seaside Chapel

Love offering through New Life Campaign.

Ÿ South district, and each churches

Prayer and the love offering to JFGC. Preparation for church planting was reported.


‡VContribution, Love offering(as of May 25)

3/15. (900,000 yen to CRASH JAPAN From the United States).

As of 5/31.  335,899 yen from Japan Foursquare Church

4/4. 800,000 yen from Hong Kong Foursquare Church

5/6. 309,150 yen from Donald & Debra Sioux, Mr. and Mrs. Brown

5/17. 312,400 yen from the U.K..

3,640 Euros contributed from Europe Foursquare Church.

Plan of support money acceptance from Foursquare Asia.

Offering of 500 dollars from Rev. Billy Francy the missionary.

June. Recest of support money at the JFGC convention.


‡W) For the future

œConsideration of a long-term support and dispatching volunteer teams to the disaster-struck churches. Daily commodities support to the victims who moved from a refuge to a temporary house, the care of the heart, child care, church planting support, volunteer team acceptance from foreign countries.

œ The volunteer dispatches, domestic and abroad, are in cooperation with CRASH JAPAN and the north district are in cooperation with HOKUMIN.

œ Cooperate with necessary events by information exchanged in the East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network meeting.

œ The love offering from domestic and abroad supports travel expense assistance to dispatch volunteer teams from each church (JFGC one-third, personal one-third, church or district one-third is a prospect). Support to purchase necessary supplies for the relief efforts and the mission activity.

 If anybody in Japan would like to send their relief offering through the JFGC